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All the women around the globe adore Keen Whisper for being so water friendly as they are not afraid of rushing rivers any more. Its exterior is all made up of washable polyester web that gives it a more sporty look. Its lacing system is quick because of the use of elastic and no effort is required to wear these. To protect your feet from odor and smell AEGIS Microbe Shield has been used which delivers an abrasion free environment and wicks away all the moisture that can cause discomfort. Its EVA foot bed is very easy to maintain and it offers maximum cushioning to the feet for the entire day. Its midsole are also constructed with EVA which enhances it durability level. Its toe protection also offers a great support to your toe and helps to avoid all the bumps on the way. It has been shaped according to the shape of the feet of women which gives it a more feminine touch. Its rubber outsole is solid yet flexible enough to mold with the feet and offers a nice comfortable environment to the feet. You can now enjoy the rain or the sea side very easily as these sandals are never going to let you down. They are cushy , comfy , durable and offers a stable walk. They offer long lasting wear too as there durability level is very high. They are available in a huge range of colors to select from. You can have any color of your choice according to your clothes. Its Weight is 8 ounces. The sandal is available in the following colors: Sweet Grape / Natural Grape, Nile / Neutral Grey, Jade Green / Neutral Grey , Dark Shadow / Ceramic Grey , Coffee Liqueur / Keen Yellow, Brindle / Regal Orchid, Blue Stone / Neutral Grey , Black / Gargoyle.



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Moniblu from Mission Viejo, CA

This is my first pair and I couldn't be happier with my purchase. I just got back from a 5 day camping trip to SEKI NP where hiking was the main event. I stupidly forgot my hiking boots and only had these new and unworn and a pair of campsite flip flips. We had several 10+ mile days planned! Luckily for me, these shoes really performed great in situations where I should have been in boots. I forded rivers, hiked in rain and even hail in these puppies, made it above 9,200 ft at Mineral King with snow still on the ground, and even ran between wooded areas to avoid an afternoon lightening storm, all in my Whispers. It wasn't something I would have planned for my maiden voyage, but I wasn't about to let my absent-mindedness ruin my trip. All in all, highly recommended. I couldn't have done all that in my old North Face water shoes, my feet would have been worn to the bone. I'm glad to find that they live up to their rep.

Laura PM from St. Paul, MN

Bought these water sandals for a recent BWCA trip, and they held up really well! I've always worn hiking boots in the past, but I wanted something lighter. Although I missed the firm ankle support of my boots, these water sandals were amazingly light-weight, quick-drying, and comfortable and had pretty good traction too. I wore them (with sock liners) fresh-out-of-the-box for a 5-day trip, and my feet were very comfortable--no blistering at all. My only, very slight, complaint, is that my feet tend to move toward the back of the shoe, giving the sensation that my heel might slip out the back. My heel never DID slip out--it's held in place by the ankle strap, but I couldn't stop trying to shove my foot further in while I was walking. Even so, I was very pleased with the shoe's comfort.

Modragonfly from Waterford, MI

I absolutely love the sandals, but I was very disappointing with the fact that after a week of having them, the top toggle piece broke off of the sandal. I wrote an email to the warranty dept. and customer service and got no response. Now months later I finally get through on their busy lines and they are sending me replacement parts. I would use the sandals just about everyday, and anywhere outdoors. They're great because they are easy to throw on, comfy and cute. It was nice putting on a shoe without socks and being able to go on walks. The not so great part is the fact the plastic piece broke off of mine without excessive wear. The sandal was still functional, but if you pay that kind of money for a good shoe, they should not break without excessive wear.

The Shanks from Columbus, OH

I love these sandals! My old Tevas needed replacing and my friends love this brand. I tried them on and they were perfect, without any breaking in. VERY comfortable. I am going to Belize this summer and they will be perfect water shoes. I've been hiking with them locally and they have already saved my toes from a lot of bumps and bruises - the toe guard is awesome. They dry quickly. And this style is a LOT less bulky than some of the other styles I've seen out there - much more feminine. I agree with the reviewer who said their foot slips backwards a bit out of them - but I haven't found that to be a problem. The heel strap keeps it from being uncomfortable, so it's just the edge of my heel that sometimes slips back from the sole. It's hardly noticeable.


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